Marbury Mugs - The Bendy Tree - Ceramic 11oz Mug


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‘Marbury Mugs’

The Bendy Tree

 Ceramic Mug with photograph & poem I wrote about the bendy tree

11oz mug, supplied in box 

The Bendy Tree Poem

Filled with memories, happy and sad
The bendy tree holds them all dear
Picnics or treats, a walk in the park
A place to rest, but not after dark!

A lovers seat, a proposal or two
This unique tree will remember you!
Secrets told, and stories shared
Break-up sadness, or love declared

Fun and laughter, sadness or cheer
The bendy tree always knows you are here
Forever listening, feeling your presence
Soothing tears with natures essence

So if you pass by, while out on your walk
Admire its beauty, and spare a thought
.... if only the bendy tree could talk!

By Alison Hamlin Hughes.

I print the mugs myself using my own photographs 

For overseas shipping please contact me to arrange 

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