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I’ve been Interested in photography for many years, but only really found my way when I started using my iPhone camera rather than a DSLR!
I believe that it’s not so important to have a ‘proper camera’ as it’s more what the person sees and captures than the technology behind it.
I can remember the moment when I took my first ‘special’ photo of Marbury I took, I was astounded by the beautiful sunrise over Budworth Mere, it was breath taking, and at the moment I captured it, a poem came to my mind, it just ‘flowed’ to me... its all about my photography and how i wanted to make it more than a hobby, this was 10 years ago, so dreams do come true, even if you have to be patient!

My Poem

Beautiful sunrise ~ golden hue
Bathes my soul with sweet renew
Swirling mist gathers
my new day is here
I feel only joy
as I let go of fear.

Im in tune with nature
My new journey begins
A feeling of oneness
rises deep from within
Ive found my way forwards
there is no looking back
My angels have told me
I'm on the right track

So I welcome you to my magical world
the pleasure is mine to share
I want you to 'see' the beauty I 'feel'
as I walk on our wonderful Earth
What I see through the lens
I feel in my heart
And that my friend......
Is love

Most of my photos are taken in the light of dawn, it’s such a special time of day, and sadly it is missed by so many of us!
I love the ‘feel’ of. New day beginning, and I seem to be able to capture that feeling through my photography.
I have a fascination with Marbury Park and it’s intriguing history.
I used the name The Marbury Lady as it just my favourite place, my happy place, not to impersonate THE Marbury Lady who is believed to haunt the woods, but just because it’s fitting for what I do, and when I used to own a bead shop, I was known as The Bead it made sense to me.
Now that I have opened my first real Gallery, 'The Marbury Lady' in Northwich Market and I sit surrounded by my photos and canvases of the beautiful park, I realise how much of a tribute it has become to her. After all, all the pictures are of her gardens, and I feel that 'The Marbury Lady' used to enjoy walking round there as much as I do, I hope she likes what I'm doing, she might haunt me if not lol!

I take great pleasure in sharing my photos, especially as many people who have fond memories of Marbury Park can either no longer walk around it, or maybe they have moved far far away, the messages I receive from people are very heart warming, and the fond memories recalled for them make my work such a pleasure.

Thank you,
Alison Hamlin Hughes x


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