A Passion For iPhone Photography & Marbury Park!

Alison, 28/05/2021
A Passion For iPhone Photography & Marbury Park!
Capturing a stunning sunrise

The first time I ever visited Marbury Park was 35 years ago, I lived in Widnes at the time so the contrast from the chemical factories I was used to, and the lush countryside was mind blowing!

The mere was frozen over, but the ice was starting to break up, and as the broken ice moved around it sounded like it was making tinkly tunes... it was completely magical, and an experience I will never forget.

I didn’t go again for a long while, due to circumstances at that time,  but now I visit almost everyday!

Where I live now, I can see Marbury through my bathroom window, and the sunsets over the mere, being a photographer, it’s heaven to have such a vantage point!

View from my bathroom... the mere and marbury trees in the distance

It was in 2010 that I started taking photos in Marbury, at first with a little pocket camera, then I moved onto a DSLR camera, and more recently (around 2015) I decided that I preferred pictures from my iPhone, although only an iPhone 6 at that point, but still reasonable results, and people were asking can they buy my pictures! After that I used an 8+, then in 2019 I got my best phone ever, an iPhone 11 Pro Max which I still use today.. it’s my best friend!!

People kept saying to me “you should sell your photos” and eventually I put a display of canvases in the meeting room at Marbury, I was amazed that lots of them sold, I really wasn’t expecting that!

Moving forwards to October 2020,  Mid pandemic, I opened up my first Gallery in Northwich Indoor Market, this was all very exciting until lockdown 2 happened in November, i has gutted as I’d only been open a few weeks. We opened again in December which was great, lots of people bought my pictures as Christmas Presents, then lockdown 3 happened, which just seemed to go on and on and on. But I’m still here, back open in my Gallery, which I affectionately call my ‘indoor marbury’

Even after all these years of photographing Marbury, it looks different every single day!  Misty sunrises there are just stunning, they take my breath away and I believe this ‘feeling’ is captured in my photos

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